Albanians will have to pay more during 2015 for the repayment of the public debt, according to an Open Data Albania report, which calculates the debt per capita during 2010-2015 periods. The report shows the balance between the total amounts of debt received by the Albanian government and the population at certain periods of time.

According to Open Data Albania, the part of unpaid debt that Albanian citizens have to pay has increased from year to year and will reach its peak during 2015. Debt for capita was 245.151 ALL in 201- and the amount will increase by 48% in 2015, up to 363.750 ALL per capita. Debt per capita increased tremendously during 2014, due to the high increase of outstanding debts, marking the highest increase of it since 2010.

Several reports and economy experts say that outstanding debts show a tendency of increasing slightly in 2015, lower than in the past four years, but its accumulation and the constant increase of it will be a heavy burden for Albanian citizens.

But, another feature that must be taken in consideration is that the calculation of debt per capita is influenced by two parameters, the outstanding debt amount and the population. The shrink of population since 2010 has affected in the increase of debt per capita but low rhythms of the change of population number makes the increase of outstanding debt the main indicator that defines the debt per capita.