Open Data has undertaken a research on destinations of Albanian exports over the period 2005-2013. There have been analized performance of 15 countries that share the biggest part of Albanian exports. Although exports continue to be dominated by Italy, during the last two years Albanian exporting companies have expanded the geography of their sales abroad, particularly in other European countries.

Exports by main trade partners (in All)

Processing and comments: ODA
Albanian exports continously have been dominated by Italy, Greece and Kosovo, which occupied the first three places respectively, but in 2013 this ratio has changed. Italy remained first, though with lower weight. Greece and Kosovo have been replaced with other partners such as Spain and Malta.
Processing and comments: ODA
Italy has remained the main partner during 2013. In absolute terms , exports to this country increased by 5% on an annual basis, reaching to 114 billion All. But Italy’s share has decreased against total, dropping to 46% at the end of 2013. The main product exported to Italy are textiles and shoes, which occupy 52 % of total exports to Italy. The neighboring country is expected to continue to play an important role in Albanian exports as domestic companies of textiles and clothing expect an increase of their sales in 2014 towards this state .
Spain, from already three years, is the second leading partner of Albanian exports. Exports increase to Spanish market has been very fast, and in 2013 they amounted to 24 billion All, expanding by 22 % versus a year ago. In total , exports to Spain share 10% of Albanian  exports. The main product groups sold in Spain is ” mineral fuels, ” with 93 % of the total. It is Bankers Petroleum , which draws, processes and exports oil and trades this product in Spain .
Oil exports have also increased significantly the weight of Malta in total Albanian exports, ranking it for the first time as the third most important trade partner. Total exports to Malta reached almost the same level with them to Kosovo , to 16.5 billion ALL, sharing 7 % of the total. Meanwhile exports towards Kosovo declined by 6 % yoy , due to the fall of metals and building materials exports, after various problems from Kosovo Customs at the Kosovo-Albania border. This group makes up 52 % of our total sales in the neighboring country .
Towards China , the fifth trade partner for exports, sales almost doubled , reaching 11 billion. Towards this country, Albania exports mainly minerals. 
Germany is already the sixth trade partner in terms of exports .Towards this state there was a significant increase of exports with 43% but their share remains low compared to previous years , when Germany was third or fourth trade partner of Albania .
Sales to Turkey recorded a strong contraction of 31% on an annual basis. 
Greece is continuing to lose its weight in Albanian exports. Exports to Greece continued declining. In 2013 they declined by 17% yoy, to 7.8 billion All. The exports fall was due to the deep economic crisis in Greece, which has led to significant exports contraction of textiles in this state, as well as building materials, etc..
Switzerland has also recorded an increase in its share of Albanian exports, accounting for 2% of their total. Towards this country we export mainly fresh vegetables, medicinal plants and textiles.