Albania has marked an increasing number of deaths due to Covid–19 in the recent weeks. The data processed through Open Data Albania charts shows an exponential increase of deaths compared to March-October. In November, Albania recorded 301 deaths of patients in hospitals diagnosed with Covid-19. In December, there is an average of 15 deaths per day. By 31 December 2020, only 8.89% of the total population have been tested, and about 2% of the population has resulted infected from March to December. The data refers to reports published by the state authorities, which do not include persons dying during treatment in foreign hospitals, people who die sick, as they are initially diagnosed with Covid-19, but further verified as negative while tested, or others who die due to the long-term consequences of the disease. On November 30th, there are 18523 infected persons, or 49% of the total infections from the beginning of the pandemic in March. The data are updated on the website Open.Data.Al/Covid-19/.