Open Data Albania is investigating into business companies operating as Institutions of Higher Education or Non-Public Universities. The data are extracted from the database of the National Registration Centre. Such institutions operate and are regulated based on Law No. 80/2015 On higher education and scientific research in the Institutions of Higher Education in the Republic of Albania. The institutions of higher education are organized into public, non-public, and independent public institutions.

They are required to provide licensed programs of studies, for which they issue diplomas upon accreditation of the institution and its respective programs. The non-public institutions of higher education are private legal entities. Their activity can be profitable or non-profitable. According to the law, institutions of higher education could be universities, academies, or higher professional colleges. Universities are institutions of higher education operating in the area of education, scientific research, and creative and professional activities.

Universities must have at least three faculties. Universities offer higher education, development of knowledge, science, innovation, and professions. Unlike other units of higher education, universities develop also basic and applied scientific research, creative activities, and offer other activities in compliance with the areas of their programs of studies. Universities offer programs of studies in all cycles of higher education studies, as well as programs of studies of a professional character.

Our investigation led to some data of a commercial nature for 23 institutions, of which four operate as non-profitable organizations, NGOs and foundations. Thus, the universities, which are registered as non-profitable organizations, include “Hëna e Plotë” (Beder University), “Nehemiah Gateway”, the Academy of Applied Studies “Reald”, Vlora, and SHLP “Mesdhetare e Shqipërisë”. Nineteen others are registered with the National Registration Centre and operate as business companies. Only one of them operates as a shareholding company, while the remaining eighteen operate as ltd. Fourteen of them are registered as companies owned by one person only.

Three of them are affiliates of mother companies, which own shares or quotas therein. One of them is a company owned by a person and a company together. Three institutions or non-public universities are owned by foreigners, i.e. ‘Epoka’, Logos, and the New York University of Tirana. As for the gender disaggregation of ownership data, there are six women owing quotas in these companies operating as institutions of higher education.

Holder shareholder or business partner Friend Institutions of Higher Education in December 2016 not public

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In terms of their fundamental capital, Turgut Ozal Education, which is the company running Epoka University, seems to be on top of the list. Eight companies have a minimum capital of 100 000 lekë. In terms of their commercial activity, the status of two of the companies is ‘suspended’.

Likewise, we may also compare their Long-Term Assets and Investments, including Land and Buildings, Plants, and Machineries, as well as Installments and Equipment. As for their long-term material assets, UFO seems to be on top of the list for 2015 with about 3.2 million lekë.

Business Capital Society for Higher Education Institutions not public in December 2016

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Another indicator is the loans that these companies have received from banks of the second level. The highest amount of loans is received by ‘Epoka’, part of ‘TURGUT OZAL EDUCATION’, with respectively 1.14 billion lekë in 2015. The highest turnover for 2015 was marked by ‘UFO’, with respectively 1.5 billion lekë, while the lowest turnover was marked by ‘IVODENT’, with respectively 3.6 million lekë.

Society Annual turnover business operating as Jo Public Universities

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Work costs or payments made by these universities for human resources, academic staff, and sports personnel is another accounting detail analyzed in the context of these companies. Thus, the company, which has incurred the highest cost for human resources is the company which runs Epoka University with 551 million lekë. It is worth mentioning that this company runs other educational institutions in addition to Epoka. The company is followed by UFO with 327 million lekë and the European University of Tirana with 223 million lekë.

In 2015, three out of fifteen business companies operating as non-public universities, for which we have accounting information, have made a loss, while the others have had a profit.

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Only five of the administrators running these companies are women. In the majority of cases, the administrator is at the same time a shareholder n the company.

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Some of the business companies do not operate only as institutions of higher education, but have commercial and economic activities in other areas of education, and not only.

The data tables containing commercial and accounting information about the business companies are available in the data catalogue of Open Data Albania and Open Corporate Albania. The information is part of the extracts of business companies published on the official website of the National Registration Centre, while the comments and analysis are made by ODA.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contribution by: Griselda Ruci