A Register of the Magistrates, with data, documents and information for Albanian judges and prosecutors is required by the law since 2016, the year when the legal package for the justice reform was adopted. This register enables the careful archiving of the documents and information related to the integrity, performance and image of judges and prosecutors. AIS has found that none of the institutions, the High Prosecutorial Council and the High Judicial Council has made any efforts to create the register in an electronic form. Therefore, the Government was officially requested to commit to this database of great importance for the public confidence and the integrity of the Reformed Justice System. The National Agency for Information Society has established a working group and is expected to start the process. The intervention consists of four steps: drafting of the missing by laws; software infrastructure; hardware infrastructure, and increasing the capacities of the implementation staff. AIS has created the web-database Access to Justice Info as a pilot model to be considered by the institutions.