Open Data Albania is publishing data on the Most Paid Clients through the State Budget Treasury Transactions during the year 2020. The records are summarized in this article on the ranking, based on data from the Treasury Transactions Database, which is administered by the organization called AIS  and which consist of information on every disbursement allotted from 2012 onwards.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Albania is ranked in the first place in the year 2020 as the business that has benefited the highest volume from the budget transactions. During 2020, the Treasury has registered and executed 16 transactions with a total value of 4 840 979 024 ALL (four billion eight hundred forty million nine hundred seventy-nine thousand twenty-four ALL) with this company. If we make a simple conversion, this amount equals to approximately 39.36 million EUR. The explanations on the transfers made to this company are Reimbursement of Value Added Tax on Goods and Services in-country. The Company Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Albania is the in-country implementing contractor for the works on behalf of the TAP Trans Adriatic Pipeline project.

The second ranked for the highest volume of transactions from the State Treasury in 2020 is the G.P.G. Company, a domestic company which in 2020 has received the total value of 2 782 494 664 ALL (two billion seven hundred and eighty two million four hundred and ninety-four thousand six hundred and sixty-four ALL) from the Treasury. If converted into EUR this amount of money is approximately 22.61 million. The company has a wide portfolio of public contracts in the investment area. Its major simultaneously contracting authorities are the Albanian Development Fund and the Albanian Road Authority. The company which was established in 1996 has an ample contract portfolio in the public sector, and it is the proprietor of three companies, two of them operate as concessionaires in the Hydric Sector, and it is maintaining for years a good ranking business position according to the volume of payments based on public funds.

In the third place it is ranked Gjoka 87, the company which implements the concession contract for the Improvement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Arbri Road. A passport for the company Gjoka 87 as a concession company can be found in the Register of Concessions, a well-structured database, created by the developer team of Open Data Albania. Gjoka 87 was established in 2018 by the parent company Gjoka Construction which won the concession named Rruga e Arbrit (Arbri Road), a procured concession, but after an Unsolicited Proposal it was granted a 10% bonus. The company Gjoka 87 had in 2020 a total of 6 transactions of a value of 2 520 000 000 ALL (two billion five hundred twenty million ALL). If converted into EUR this amount of money is approximately 20.48 million. From the beginning of its activity in concession area, the company has received a total of 6.3 billion ALL from the State Budget.

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The fourth place belongs to the company Kastrati which has received through the treasury the amount of 1 854 703 398 ALL (one billion eight hundred fifty-four million seven hundred three thousand three hundred ninety eight ALL). The proceeds of this company are for fuel and oil supplies. Kastrati is just one of the companies of Kastrati Group, parent company for 12 other business companies; possessor of three concession contracts and beneficiary of several areas of the Ministry of Defense through the Investor Program Albania 1 Euro. A well-structured Group passport filled in with information is accessible at the Open Corporates Albania database; Information on Concession Companies Owned by Kastrati Group are posted in the Concession Register database along with data on all PPP concession companies operating in the country.

The fifth place in the ranking belongs to the company Fusha, which this year has recorded transactions in the amount of 1 805 847 034 ALL (one billion eight hundred and five million eight hundred forty-seven thousand thirty-four ALL). This company has a long list of public contracts with local government institutions and it is a shareholder in three concession companies. Information on the company, contracts and its position as an owner are well-structured in the Company Passport prepared for the Open Corporates Albania database.

The ranking continues with Salillari which received 1 674 844 813 ALL (one billion six hundred seventy four million eight hundred forty four thousand eight hundred thirteen ALL) from the transactions executed in 2020; with Alb-Star which transactions for the year 2020 reach the amount of 1 661 045 960 ALL (one billion six hundred sixty-one million forty-five thousand nine hundred sixty) ALL; followed by Gjikuria for transactions completed during 2020 for the amount of 1 635 825 256 ALL (one billion six hundred thirty-five million eight hundred twenty-five thousand two hundred fifty-six ALL).

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Another concessionaire company that emerges in the ranking of the ten most paid clients by the state treasury Transactions is the company AYEN-AS Energy. Even in its case the payments correspond with the Value Added Tax Refund. AYEN-AS Energy is a shareholding company originating in Turkey which is implementing the concession contract for Construction Operation, transfer of hydropower plants of Peshqesh, Ura e Fanit (Fani Bridge) and Fang. The value of transactions made by the General Directorate of Taxes to this concessionaire company is 1 457 441 814 ALL (one billion four hundred fifty-seven million four hundred forty-one thousand eight hundred and fourteen ALL).

The tenth in the ranking is Agbes Construction, a contracting company operating in the investments area.

Our Treasury Transactions Database continues to post weekly treasury payment information based on the payee institutions, beneficiary clients, categories, values, ​​and descriptions. The service is also provided through search filters that enable search and analysis as an inquiry for information. The information catalogue has been in function from 2012 by providing data, when the Government of the time decided to digitis and offer access to information on payments from the state treasury. The system provides an easy and understandable use of information through highly dynamic search filters. This database is one of the most useful tools in accessing information on the budget money expenditures or on the Albanian taxpayers’ money.

You can also access such information through the following databases:

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This article was drafted and published in the framework of the “Open Data, Access and Transparency over sectors exposed to Risk of Corruption” project. The latter is financially supported by SIDA – Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency

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Translated by: Etleva Kondakçi