AIS notes with concern that the Albanian Government has decided in an unconstitutional, illegal, an unnecessary manner to classify purchasing contracts and procedures used during the state of emergency caused by Covid-10 as secret. A list of the tiles of such secret contracts is published by Open Procurement Albania database for the health institutions. Through two decisions of the Council of Ministers, i.e. Decision no. 203 of 26.02.20 on Procedures used for Signing Contracts dictated by State Substantial Interests and changes used for signing Contracts dictated by State Substantial Interests, and the changes made by Decision of Council of Ministers No. 242 of 22.03.2020 on Amendments to Decision no. 203, the Council of Ministers classifies the procedures and contracts signed in relation to Covid-19 as Secret Contracts. The above-mentioned decisions of the Council of Ministers create situations, where clients are selected without making any announcements or calls for expressions of interest, which makes it impossible to identify and look for effective operators. At this time of crisis, opportunities for supplies are limited and characterized by dynamic changes.