Magistrates that are appreciated (viewed) for their scientific research, publications and contribution to the doctrine of law

The Register of Magistrates, created by the organization AIS, promotor of Open Data for Albania, ranks the most favorite Judges and Prosecutors according to Google Analytics and Google Search Console shows in terms of their contribution to the Doctrine of Law and in areas like Constitutional Law, Ownership, Contract Law, etc.

In creating this data mine, containing data and documents for magistrate judges and prosecutors in the Republic of Albania, in addition to CVs, we have also included decisions, evaluations, self-declarations, and the scientific research done by these magistrates. Below are the most viewed documents on the Akses Info Drejtësi database, Register of Magistrates

The most viewed documents for January include:

  1. The PhD Thesis of Ms. Evelina Qirjako is the most viewed document in January. It is entitled “The meaning, importance, and criteria of validity of judicial action in the case of Transfer of Real Estate, its importance, nature and the effect of the registration of a title of ownership in registers of real estate”. This dissertation was defended in 2016 at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Justice. The mentor for this thesis is Professor Ardian Nuni.

Ms. Qirjako has exercised the duty of the Supreme Judge during 2008-2017. Her mandate was terminated by a decision of the Supreme Judicial Council dated 24.04.2019, and her title as a Magistrate is subject for review by the transitory justice institutions. Profile of Ms. Qiriako

  • The second top viewed document in January is a doctoral dissertation in the area of Constitutional Law. The dissertation entitled “The Constitutional Control in Albania, the Role of the Constitutional Court as a guarantor of the Rule of Law and Fundamental Human Rights”. This author of this scientific research in the area of Constitutional Law is Ms. Valbona Bala (Pajo). Mrs. Bala had previously been an Assistant Judge at the High Court. Her re-evaluation process (vetting) was interrupted following a long saga of complaints and decisions by the institutions involved. The dissertation is defended at the University of Tirana with Prof. Aurela Anastasi being the Associate Academic. Document Ms. Bala is an author of scientific publications on issues related with the execution of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

  • The third most viewed document written by Magistrates (Magjistrat.AL) is a dissertation for a PhD Degree by a magistrate, whom the temporary Justice Institutions have decided to interrupt the reevaluation process. Ms. Rezarta Mata with her scientific research on “Extra-contractual responsibility of public bodies in Albania” is viewed hundreds of times in January. At the time her reevaluation process was interrupted, Ms. Mata exercised the duty of Judge in the Judicial District Court of Tirana. She has defended her dissertation for a PhD Degree at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, with Professor Ermir Dobjani as her mentor.   Her scientific research is published under the Documents section, in the profile of Magistrate Rrezarta Mata, in the Register of Magistrates.

In the meantime, a good number of views are still marked for the PhD Dissertation of the member of the High Judicial Council, Mr.  Erjon

While the most viewed profiles (not documents) in January are:

Eloida Goxhi

Ardian Dvorani

Olsian Cela

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