The Register of Magistrates, a public database created by AIS, is enriched during December-January 2021 by the passport profile of 17 judges and prosecutors (magistrates) who passed the vetting process in recent months or weeks.  Every created passport contains information like the CV, self-declarations, qualifications, scientific research, promotions, disciplinary measures, asset declarations for each individual judge and prosecutor.

  1. Albert Demirneli, Prosecutor
  2. Afërdita Ndoi,  Prosecutor of Appeal Durrës
  3. Dorina Bejko, Prosecutor, District of Pogradec
  4. Arben Qosja, Prosecutor of Appeal, Tirana
  5. Pranvera Pustina, Prosecutor, General Prosecutor Office, reconfirmed on duty by IQC Decision No. 308, dated 14. 10.2020
  6. Moisi Duda, Prosecutor of Appeal Durrës
  7. Enkelejda Osmani Xhengo, Prosecutor, District of Durrës
  8. Sokol Ngresi, Judge of Appeal
  9. Valbona Vata, Judge of Appeal
  10. Erjon Cela, Judge
  11. Anita Mici, Judge
  12. Vojsava Osmanaj, Judge
  13. Altina Nasufi, Judge
  14. Genti Shala, Judge
  15. Irena Brahimi, Judge
  16. Blerona Hasa, Judge
  17. Elona Toro Stavri

Passport profiles have been already introduced in the database for dozens of other judges who have successfully passed the vetting.

Also, Akses Info Drejtësi enables access by search filters for every document of new justice institution, such as acts, decisions, processes, reports etc.

AIS, an organization promoting Open Data for Albania has created and maintains this data mine.