In 2020, the Albanian State budgeted and spent only 13 923 Albanian Lekë (ALL) per inhabitant (per capita). This expenditure covered the Four Programs in the Health Sector. In the meantime, the annual mandatory health contribution for workers who get the minimum wage is equal to 3.4% of the wage, or 10 608 ALL (884 ALL per month multiplied by 12 months per year equals 10 608 ALL). For wages of 50 000 ALL, the mandatory health contribution is 29 400 ALL. So, the health insurance contribution paid by employees getting a declared salary of 50 000 Albanian ALL is twice the amount the state pays for the Health System per capita.

If we look at the share of the Health Spending out of the State Total Expenditures for 2010-2012, we notice an increase of the share of expenditures for these programs from 6.8% to 7.7% of the total state budget expenditures.

The ratio seems to be the same even for 2018 and 2019 with 7.3%. referring to the Budget planned for 2020, the ratio dropped again to 6.8%. so, regardless of the changes in the planned budget for 2020 as a result of the pandemic, the share of expenditures for the health progams compared with the total expenditures did not increase. Instead, expenditures in this sector dropped.

Increase over the years: The actual expenditures per inhabitant (per capita), made for the primary and secondary health care, public health care, and the national emergency service during 2010-2020 varied from 8 447 to 13 923 ALL (eight thousand and four hundred and forty-seven to thirteen thousand and nine hundred and twenty-three) ALL per capita, or 61-113 (sixty-one – one hundred and thirteen) Euro as annual expenditures.

This analysis shows that the health expenditures per inhabitant are relatively low in our country.

If we would analyse the actual expenditures of the four health programs compared with the population, we would find what the main health expenditures per capita in Albania include.  

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