Data published by Open Data Albania portal and the blog were referred to in the first week of May as a factual source for several media stories and articles. The main topic in the media is the potential use of the Reconstruction Program Fund after the earthquake of 26 November 2019. During the Election Campaign, March 25 to April 25, was spending 30% of the entire State Reconstruction Fund Program.

Some of the articles based on the facts and data published by ODA are: : #Electoral Favoritism – How were compensated the affected persons by the earthquake during the Electoral Campaign Government allocated 120 million Euro in the 4 months before elections to residents affected by the earthquake

Albanian Radio Television: MP Tabaku: €120 Million from the State Budget to buy votes, data published by Open Data Albania

Syri TV: 120 million Euro from the State Budget were used to Buy Votes

Telegraph: The manoeuvre how the earthquake funds were used to buy votes

The data are extracted from the article of Open Data  Albania Portal entitled
The Election Campaign Period and the Reconstruction Fund, Additional Budget allocated to 11 municipalities as Unconditional Transfers.