AIS reported to the Election Commissioner on Misuse of Public Money during Elections through Individual Grants from the Reconstruction Fund in the electoral zone of Durrës following the November 2019 earthquake. Such misuse went in favor of the parties in power at the central and local levels, running in these elections. Sixteen months after the earthquake, Unconditional Transfers were allocated to Durrës municipality during the Electoral Campaign through a Decisions of the Council of Ministers, without a law, in the amount of 946.44 million Lek. Again, on electoral dates, the local government in Durrës has approved the lists of new beneficiaries, not previously identified. The week before the 25th of April, the Municipality has paid three times more money than every other month after the earthquake. The Reconstruction Ministry has delayed the benefits for 16 months after the earthquake and has not undertaken any legal action to guarantee that the Fund is not misused by paying individuals not eligible for the economic benefit, whose affected property is luxurious or a secondary house, i.e. wealthy properties. The Commissioner is asked to undertake an administrative investigation, check facts, and use independent international expertise over the use of public funds in the Electoral Campaign. Finally, the Commissioner is asked to assess the responsibilities for Electoral Favoring through Misuse of Public Money (Article 92/5 of the Code).

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CEC Decision (no. 439 date. 02.08.2021) on Extension of the Term of the Administrative Review of the Denunciation For Predicted Violations in the Electoral Code HERE

CEC Decision no. 457, date 01.10.2021. HERE

AIS Administrative Complaint Against: Decision no. 457, dated 01.10.2021 of the State Commissioner for Elections. HERE