Open Data Albania is researching on Sectoral Division for Concessions and Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) approved in Albania during the period January 2017 – December 2020. The article identifies the number and value of investment, specifying the Institutional Sector and the Sectoral Category. The data are from the PPP Concession Register database published on the portal.

During the period January 2017 until December 2020, 24 concession or PPP contracts were approved in Albania with a total investment value of 125 199 058 469 ALL or about 1 009 669 826 Euro. The Institutional Sector, where PPP Concessions are applied during this period, includes Energy, Transport, Environment, Urban Development, Health and Fiscal Control.

The Institutional Energy Sector marks the largest number of contracts. The Institutional Transport Sector has the highest value of PPP Investments and Concessions.

The Sectoral categories that have been applied during the four years are Waste Management; Road Infrastructure; Maritime Infrastructure Ports; Airport Infrastructure; Hydro Energy; Education; Health; Fiscal Control and Services.

Sector category Road Infrastructure, three PPP Concessions with Investment value of 62 115 823 913 ALL have been approved. Specifically with the concession company Gjoka 87 implementing the contract PPP Concession for the Improvement, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Arbri Road; the company Bardh Konstruksion for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of the road segment Milot Balldre and the company Rruga Orikum Llogara sh.p.k. implementing the contract for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of the road segment Yacht Port-Bypass Orikum Dukat, Ura e Shën Elizës.

In the category Seaport Infrastructure, a Concession Contract with an investment value of 1 374 984 000 ALL has been approved, namely the PPP Concession Contract of the tourist port and services Marina Limion with the company Marina Limion sh.a.

Sector category Airport Infrastructure a PPP/Concession Contract for Rehabilitation Operation Transfer of Kukës Airport from the concession company Kukës International Airport is approved.

For Services, a contract has been approved for the concession of some Maritime services with the company Ships of Maritime Service sh.a.

Waste Management, which includes the collection, transportation, recovery, disposal of waste and production of energy were adopted two concession PPP contracts worth 18,471,152,055 ALL or about 148 960 904 Euro, which represents about 14.8% of total investment value for all PPP Concessions approved in this period.

This sector includes the contract for the construction of the landfill, incinerator and rehabilitation of Tirana existing landfills, with the concession company Integrated Energy BV SPV and the contract for the concession of cleaning, collection, transportation and selection of urban waste for the city of Kamza with the company Eco Cleaning sh.p.k.

The Urban Development Sector marks two concessions with a total investment value of 4 102 552 269 ALL or about 33 085 099 Euro. Developments are in the sectoral category Education and they consists of a contract for improving the educational infrastructure in the Municipality of Tirana, area Tirana 1 with concessionary companies ZMA and for improving the educational infrastructure in the Municipality of Tirana for four educational facilities in the area Tirana 4 sh.p.k.

During the period under review, a Public Private Partnership has been established in the Health Sector for the provision of laboratory services to university, regional and municipal hospitals, with the implementing concessionary company Laboratory Networks sh.p.k.

Also, during this period, a contract was approved in the Fiscal Control sector, namely a Public Private Partnership for the legal control service of metering instruments, through fuel and liquefied gas distribution instruments, with the concessionary company Noa Inspect sh.p.k.

The Energy Sector lists several PPP concession contracts, including contracts for the construction of the Kalivaç Hydropower Plant which is implemented by the company Ayen Alb; Concession for Construction, Operation and Transfer of KUKUR Hydropower Plant by Kukur Hidro Energy; Concession Construction Operation and Transfer of Bushtrica 3 hydropower plant by Bushtrica Hydropower; Concession Construction Operation Transfer of Guri i Bardhë hydropower plant with implementing concession company GealbEnergy; Concession Construction Operation Transfer of Lunik hydropower plant from the concession company Victoria Hydroenergy; concession Construction Operation Transfer of Bushtrica hydropower plant with implementing company Elenergji; contract Construction Operation Transfer of hydropower plants on the river Shushica with implementing concession company Shushica Hydropower; Concession Construction Operation Transfer of Grabova 2 hydropower plant with concession company HK HEC Grabova 2; Concession Construction Operation Transfer of hydropower plants Shutri 1, Shutri 2 with implementing concession company ATEANI Energy; Contract Construction Operation Transfer of Lusa hydropower plants from Idrolusa; Contract Concession Construction Operation Transfer of hydropower plants on Shala River with implementing company 3 Power Shala; Concession Construction Operation Transfer of hydropower plant Veleshica with company Kalisi Hydropower

Concession and PPP Contracts, in force, data, and Documents on Companies Registered for their Implementation, are published in an easily accessible and well-structured format under the portal, Concession Register Database. The Excel document of this article contains data and information on the basis of which the visualization is done. This document is easily downloadable and free to use. Other databases of the AIS Organization include;;, and Open

This article was drafted and published in the framework of the “Open Data, Access and Transparency over sectors exposed to Risk of Corruption” project. The latter is financially supported by SIDA – Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency

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Translated by: Etleva Kondakçi