The investigative journalism portal, Bold News, wrote on April 14, 2021 an article entitled Arrested for drugs Anton Gjinaj of Alesio 2014 has received 1 billion ALL in Public Tenders. Considering it important news regarding the integrity of the public contractors in contracts with the state (municipalities), the editorial office of Bold News has produced a video on the information in question. Bold News uses well-structured information from the list of payments made by the Treasury, a list that is aggregated in the passport of this contracting company in tenders with Municipalities in the Open Corporates Albania database.

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Link Original Portal https: //boldneë

Link Video News https: // V = YAquJAKCZwA

Passports of Companies contracted by Municipalities and the List of Tenders by Municipalities are well-structured data that are easily accessible through the Open Corporates Albania Database, a database created as an activity of the “Civic Monitoring and Transparency over Municipal Private Contractor for Services and Investments” Public, financially supported by Leviz Albania, a Project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).