TopChannel: Albania, fewer men. For every 100 males born, 107 males die

Link to the interview: publish: Albanian population is shrinking. For every 100 male births in 2020, there were 7 more deaths

Link to the article: born-lose-life-107-men / publish: Albania in a demographic crisis. Population is shrinking. For every 100 new births, 107 deaths have been recorded, and the ratio is getting worse

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BoldNews: Happening for the first time within a decade In Albania, male deaths higher than births during 2020

Link to the article: -in-albania-deaths-of-men-with-higher-than-births-during-2020 / publish: Bad year for Albania. Male population shrinking

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Telegraf Newspaper: Complete list of Accredited Universities and Branches

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Sot Newspaper: Dozens of Non-Accredited Universities in the Country and 1000 branch programs

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Albeu published: Which one is most expensive and cheapest. This is how much anti-Covid vaccines cost

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360 Grade : International Market, Anti-Covid Prices revealed, from cheapest to the most expensive

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Faxweb : Vaccines Prices

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