The Register of Magistrates, a database created by AIS/Open Data Albania has created profiles with data, documents and information on the performance, professionalism and integrity of Individuals promoted in the Reformed Justice System.

The last two judges appointed to the Supreme Court are Mr. Asim Vokshi and Mr. Artur Kalaja.

Magistrate Asim Vokshi was appointed in July and he takes up his post as Senior Judge in September 2021. He is a Career Judge, with experience in district courts and appellate courts, and also the author of several publications on Civil Law and Contract Law. In addition to being a Magistrate, Asim Vokshi is also graduated as Doctor of Science, and has an academic career in teaching at the Faculty of Law and the School of Magistrates. Our register of Magistrates provides comprehensive data about their professional career, performance evaluation and professional promotion, aspects of Integrity and self-declarations, including their self-declaration on interests and assets.

Also, the other newly appointed judge, Mr. Artur Kalaja, comes from the ranks of magistrates. Mr. Kalaja has worked in district courts and in the appellate court. In addition, the Passport created for this judge promoted in the Justice system contains data on his Professional Experience, Performance Evaluations, as well as his Self-Declarations concerning his assets and economic interests.

In March 2021, four more judges were appointed to the High Court, namely:

Mr. Sander Simoni, former Head of the Court for Serious Crimes, a Magistrate and Lecturer in Criminal Law.

Mrs. Albana Boksi, a Magistrate and Career Judge, specialized in Criminal Law, experienced in teaching in several Universities

Mr. Sokol Binaj, a career judge.

Mr. Klodian Kurushi, a Magistrate and Doctor in Legal Sciences Legislation, and a Career Judge, specialized in Criminal Law

All Profiles of Judges and Prosecutors who are promoted in the Justice System, are being created with documents, data and self-declarations concerning their Professionalism and Integrity in the Magistrates Registry, a database created by AIS / Open Data Albania.

The establishment of the Registry is a legal obligation for Justice Institutions, but while the High Prosecutorial Council and the High Judicial Council are creating their database for internal and administrative use only, AIS/Open Data Albania has created an Open Register of Magistrates, accessible for the Public, Journalists, Institutions, and Individuals Engaged in the Justice Sector. Transparent information promotes public trust and control in the System.