Open Data Albania is ranking the business companies announced as Successful Bidders in the Contracting Procedures for the Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Program. The data are part of the monitoring of Contracting through two databases, Contracting Reconstruction Program by Municipality and by the Albanian Development Fund ADF.

The contracting procedure for the Reconstruction Program is based on a Law different from regular procurement legislation. Procedures are all limited, without open competition based on Chapter VI of Public Procurement Procedures, of a Normative Act with the power of Law no. 9, dated 16.12.2019 “On coping with the consequences of natural disasters”, approved by the Assembly of Albania by law no. 97/2019, on 18.12.2019. This law is taken twice to the Constitutional Court to be repealed as unconstitutional.

The BOT Operators, including four business companies led by Kevin Construction are by far the most successful clients in contracting for the Reconstruction Program. BOT Kevin Construction in cooperation with Company Riviera 2008, Mela shpk and Pepa Group has won two Mini-Contest contracts in a total value of 3 777 430 000 ALL  (three billion seven hundred and seventy seven million four hundred and thirty thousand) without VAT. The signed contracts were announced in the special Bulletin no. 16 dated 5 February 2021. The object of the Contracts is related to two mini-competitions which coincide with Mini-competition no.1 for 677 houses and Mini-Competition no.2 for 743 houses. These mini-competitions are developed by the Albanian Development Fund. Each of the companies in this union of operators has other contracts from the Reconstruction Program, either as the only operator or jointly with other companies.

In the second place as a successful operator ranked by value stands the company Gjikuria with 2 260 049 999 Lek for 5 contracts with the Albanian Development Fund for Reconstruction Procedure in civil housing and educational facilities. Gjikuria also has other Reconstruction contracts in procedures where it competes as part of unions of operators.

The top third place in terms of values is again a union consisting of Ante-Group shpk with Ferro Beton & Construction Co shpk. This union of operators has won a Reconstruction contract through the Albanian Development Fund and another one with the Municipality of Tirana, again for Reconstruction. The total value is 2 182 717 646 (two billion one hundred eighty-two million seven hundred seventeen thousand six hundred forty-six) ALL. Both companies of the Union of Operators have also signed other contracts in cooperation with each other and with other operators. Thus, FerroBeton & Construction Co. has also cooperated with Alesio 14 and Inerti shpk for constructions in the Reconstruction Program, in the 5 Maji zone in the Municipality of Tirana.

The fourth Operator in the Reconstruction Program in terms of the winning values until December 2021, stands Salillari company. This company has secured contracts from the Reconstruction Program amounting to 1 760 388 300 ALL. Salillari has also signed contracts with the Fund for reconstruction projects in Vora and with the Municipality of Tirana for reconstructions in Kombinat and 5 Maji zones.

G.P.G. COMPANY SHPK is in the fifth place of the Business Companies selected for the Reconstruction Program Contracting. With a contract value of 1 332 081 367 (one billion three hundred thirty two million eighty one thousand three hundred sixty seven) ALL without VAT, this company has contracts with the Housing Fund in Kruja, Shijak and Durres, as well as a contract for an educational object , and a contract with the Municipality for the Reconstruction Fund.

The ten largest clients in the ranking represent jointly 25.3% of the total of 67.6 billion ALL worth tenders made by notice or contract signing for the Reconstruction Program, i.e. the results for 2020 and 2021.

The ranking continues with the merger of operators Senka shpk, Dajti Park 2007 and Erzeni/Sh shpk worth ALL 1.31 billion.

BOT Kronos Construction shpk Everest shpk and Arb & Trans 2010 shpk with ALL 1.26 billion.

The union Pe-vla-ku shpk with the branch in Kosovo has 1.23 billion ALL.

Bajrami N Shpk & Zdravo shpk have ALL 1.1 billion.

The data apply to notices of selected winners or signing of contracts announced, excluding VAT.

Many of the Works, although winners have been notified since 2020 and limited procedures with minimalist deadlines have been implemented to guarantee emergency action, have not yet been finalized or there has been no notification of contract signing published yet. This is mainly for projects in the territory of the Municipality of Tirana. This is also due to delays in the design and development of territories.

The Reconstruction Program is a Program of the Albanian Government, initiated after the Earthquake of November 26th, 2019. This Program envisages new constructions and reconstructions of residential buildings and urban infrastructure after the assessment of damages due to the Earthquake. The Albanian government in cooperation with Partners organized on February 17, 2020 a Donors’ Conference in Brussels, where it declared the need to guarantee an assistance of 1.15 billion Euros from donations, assistance, grants and soft loans. Foreign aid in some cases was characterized by suspensions and interruptions due to the Pandemic crisis that swept the globe in 2020. Currently, the procedures are finalized with the winner notification or contract signing for the Reconstruction Program in the amount of ALL 67.6 billion, of which over 35 billion belong to the municipalities.

The list of Contracts for Reconstruction Program can be found in the well-structured portal Open Procurement Albania, divided into databases Reconstruction through Municipalities and Reconstruction through the Albanian Development Fund.

Payments made by the Government towards Clients in Reconstruction Contracts are monitorable through the Treasury Transactions service

List of Passports for each Contracting Business in the Reconstruction program can be found in the Open Corporates Albania database.

AIS has established database systems for monitoring Tendering and Contracting as Open Procurement Albania, monitoring system for contracting State Reconstruction Program
(Automatic) Risk assessment system in tendering
Database for monitoring Public Expenditure and Integrity of Elected and Senior Public Appointed Officials

Download excel: Earthquake Reconstruction Program Business Companies Ranking by Value of Successful Offer
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Translated by: Etleva Kondakçi