Decay of the Health Sector – was the title of the Reportage, produced by Top Story and broadcast on March 9, the date that officially marked two years since the first case with Sars Covid-19 in Albania. In it, journalist Entela Bajramaj and the editorial staff of the program, brought to light facts about the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracting during the Pandemic, the state of primary health care institutions and issues with tendering intended to provide goods and services during the Covid-19 situation. As part of its work in monitoring Contracting in the Health Sector, AIS supported the reportage with data and facts, in particular: 89% of the Estimated Value for Tenders for COVID-19 supplies, undertaken by the Albanian authorities, is distributed through risky tender procedures, who presents issues during the contest or the guaranteeing of the competition. This kind of risk level  displayed is marked with a REDFLAG in the #OpenPorcurementAlbania database.

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We’ve shared the findings of our Database and Project with the Top Story Reportage about the Decay of the Health Sector, by journalist Entela Bajramaj

Link to see the reportage:  

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The AIS organization, widely known as Open Data Albania, created a database for monitoring and assessment of Tenders for Natural Disaster Covid -19, that functioned as an independent monitoring mechanism.

AIS has tracked tenders of health institutions in the country and has created a catalogue with information on tender procedures, procurement, performance and progress. The database enables transparency and tracking of  contraction for medicines, appliances, protective equipment, hospital oxygen, or the purchase of vaccines, tests, etc. The data can also be filtered by procedure or by institution.

Tracing, transparency and accountability take on greater importance in moments of crisis and humanitarian disaster. Our Tender Database during the Covid19 Natural Disaster Situation is part of the “Public Contract in a State of Natural Disaster Covid19 – Strengthening Independent Monitoring Mechanisms” project, financially supported by the US Embassy’s Commission on Democracy Small Grants Program in Tirana.

The opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations expressed here are those of the author/s and do not necessarily represent those of the State Department.

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Other data about the course of the disease in the country can be found in the following page:

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