Election entities are likely to be financed during election campaigns by private donors, local individuals or legal persons. Electoral Code has provided for the rules of donations to electoral entities and cases when donations from donor entities comprises a conflict of interest. Individuals, or legal entities can not donate larger amounts than one million. Each donation, which amounts more than one hundred thousand ALL is made through bank accounts and is recorded in a special register.

In the 2015 election campaign, only two electoral entities, political parties, have declared that they have received donotations amounting to over one hundred thousand. Specifically, the Socialist Party has stated that it has 25 individual donors and the Socialist Movement for Integration has declared 45 individual donors that have donated more than 100 thousand ALL. Independent candidates for mayors have not declared donors of amounts of more than 100 thousand euro during elections compaign.

Source: http://www.cec.org.al/sq-al/Zgjedhjet/Zgjedhjet-Vendore/Zgjedhjet-2015/Raportet-e-Auditimit-p%C3%ABr-Subjektet-Zgjedhore
Comments and analysis: Open Data Albania

Download excel: Donors registered in June 21, 2015 Election Campaign
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Olta Begu