AIS, implementing organization of Open Data Albania project, is conducting a research about the business contractors in the Health Sector concerning acquisitions of goods and services aiming to help the government cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The research included contracts for which the winners were announced, as well as the Treasury Payments executed in their favor, from March 2020 to May 2021. Companies are listed by the overall value they won. Contracts or agreements which contain no total value, but only the price per unit, are not included.

Also, the winners of Contracts for Essential State Exigencies are listed in another article. In these contracts, the procedure is not open and accessible, information on values ​​and object is provided only partially, due to the lack of public announcements and because they are deemed secret contracts.

Likewise, we will not list the Companies that have been contracted for the Purchase of Vaccines, Businesses or Foreign Entities that have won contracts that are mainly secret. A separate article has been drafted for this Acquisition category.

In the ranking, based on the value of the contract won in the Health sector, for acquisition, investment or orders related to the fight against Covid 19, March 2020 – May 2021, in the top spot stands GTS-Gazra Teknike Shqiptare shpk. It is followed by Evita shpk, Intermed shpk, Biometric Albania shpk, Messer AlbaGaz shpk, Euromed shpk in cooperation with Farma Net Albania, OES Distrimed shpk, Euromed shpk, Eurovia shpk. Farma Net Albania.

The first company in the ranking, GTS-Gazra Teknike Shqiptare shpk, has won tenders with a total value of ALL 2.08 billion, without VAT. The company is owned by Italiania SOL spa. The tenders are for supply and infrastructure of the Medical gaseous oxygen. The company has won a total of 31 tenders, with 13 different health institutions, connected to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Whereas, it has won 111 contracts in the Healthcare Sector as a whole, competing as a sole operator.

In second place comes EVITA shpk, who has won tenders in the amount of ALL 627.5 million. The company has been contracted in 4 cases for the purchase of Medical Kits, Reactants and Diagnostic Tests.

Intermed, third place, is contracted for the acquisition of protective equipment, with a value of ALL 384.5 million won.

Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania

Another compelling ranking is that of Companies contracted for materials and health services, following Payments received until May 2021 through Treasury Transactions. It also shows the performance of the winning contractors, which have different dynamics in the delivery of goods, handover situation and payment of countervalue.

Ranking as per Treasury Transactions obtained for Covid-19 Acquisitions, March 2020 – May 2021.

The ten highest paid local companies are as follows: GTS-Gazra Teknike Shqiptare shpk with 1 billion ALL, Evita shpk received treasury payments in the amount of 281.1 million ALL, Euromed shpk in the amount of 137.46 million ALL. The ranking continues with Biometric Albania, Eurovia, Messer Albagaz shpk, Gen- Alb Farma shpk, Intermed shpk, OES Distrimed.

The Health Sector Tenders are published in a well-structured and analytical format on the website Open Procurement Albania Healthcare. An analytical database has been created for tenders and contracts designed in function of the needs of the Healthcare sector to cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic. The structure and listing of the Information is categorized in: Oxygen Acquisition, Disinfectant Acquisition, Protective Equipment, Tampon Tests, Drugs, Apparatus, Vaccination Contracts, Secret Contracts as per DCM No. 203 dated 2020, Other.

The article was written as part of the activities for the implementation of the “Public Contracts in a State of Natural Disaster Covid-19 – Strengthening Independent Monitoring Mechanisms” project, which that ends in June 2021.

Download excel: Contractor Businesses in the Covid-19 Healthcare Sector, March 2020-May 2021
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Translated by: Rezarta Caushaj