About ALL 45.5 billion have been allocated to the state budget for PPP concession contracts in Health. For the period 2015 to 2021, payments from the state have been made in the amount of 17.3 billion ALL, while for the next years a total of 28.2 billion ALL remains to be paid.

The data of Open Data Albania show that the total investment of the state on PPPs in Health is about 9%. There are currently 4 concession contracts being implemented in the Health system, which receive direct support from the state budget.

Specifically, it is about the concession contract for the package of basic medical check-up services for the 35-70 age group or as it is otherwise known as Check Up, with an investment value of ALL 172 020 000 without VAT and with a full value that includes public payments from the budget which amounts to ALL 8,760,826,000.

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