On May 14, 2023, the local elections will be held in 61 municipalities of the country. AIS, based on previous election monitoring, estimates that there is a high risk of distortion of the electoral will through misuse of public funds during the elections period. A few days before voting for the April 2021 parliamentary elections, the state budget was shifted from Public Works fund to the Individual Grants fund. The Treasury transferred money to an account for few families slightly damaged by the November 2019 Earthquake.

The organization reported to the State Commissioner of Elections the phenomenon in Durrës Municipality, where 926 449 664 Albanian Lek (about Euros 7.8 million) were distributed through the Treasury, just a few hours before the voting started. Being committed to elections monitoring, AIS has prepared sound monitoring methodologies and is looking for funds for several Electoral Monitoring activities, with a focus on the Misuse of Public Funds and Contracts in the election campaign.