Open Data Albania is ranking the concession businesses, otherwise known as Private and Public Partnerships, based on the size of the funds  benefited from the State Treasury throughout 2022. During this year, ALL 9.73 billion were distributed to concession companies directly from the budget. There are a few concessions, which are paid through Public Funds that, are not listed here, such as three concessions in the Healthcare sector, which are paid from the Mandatory Health Care Fund.

The five concessionaire companies wich have received the largest funds from the State Treasury during 2022 are Gjoka 87, S2 Albania, Laboratory Networks, Integrated Energy BV SPV and Albanian highway Concession.

Gjoka 87, the company that implements the concession contract for the Construction and Operation of Road has benefited from state transactions worth of ALL 2.94 billion during 2022.

S2 Albania, the company implementing the contract: The financing, establishment and operation of the containers and other vehicles scanning service in the Republic of Albania, has been receiving transactions worth ALL 2 billion through the State Treasury, during the twelve months of 2022.

Ranked thirds is the Concessionary Copany Laboratory Networks, havign benefited of funds worth ALL 1.46 billion from the State Tresury during 2022. This company implements the PPP contract: Provision of Hospital Laboratory Services.

The sum of ALL 1.43 billion was paid by the State Treasury in 2022 towards the Incinerator of Tirana, specifically for the company that implements the contract “For the construction of the landfill, the incinerator and the rehabilitation of the existing landfills in Tirana and the production of electricity”, Integrated Energy BV SPV. Installments on behalf of the concession started in 2018 and thus far, a total of ALL 6.12 billion have been paid by the State Budget.

Albanian Highway Concession, the company that implements the contract: Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the Milot-Morin Road has benefited from transactions worth ALL 741 million during the year 2022. The concession allows the company to collect a toll directly from every vehicle that passes on the Nation’s road, and it also collects funds from the State Budget.

Concessionary schools appear for the first time in the treasury transactions in 2022. These schools were built by the Municipality of Tirana’s concession winner, whose investment fund is going to be repaid from the State Budget, along with an annual percentage of interest. The subject is the Concessionary Company Z.M.A, implementing the contract “For the improvement of the educational infrastructure in the Municipality of Tirana”. The passport for this company, created in the Open Corporates Albania database platform, contains details about the concession and its terms.

The Concesionary Company “Rruga Orikum – Llogara” that is implementing the contract “Construction and Operation of the Orikum – Dukat Yacht Port”, collected ALL 225 million of Treasury funds.

Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier, the concessionairy company that is implementing the contract “Construction, operation and transfer of the incinerator for the processing of urban waste of the Municipality of Fier”, has received Treasury Transactions – throughout the 2022 – in the amount of ALL 376 million. Compared to 2021, they have collected ALL 313 million less. The company is under seizure and administration by Decision of the Special Court for Corruption and Organized Crime since March 2022. The concession agreement is under investigation and the company is under administration by officials of the Agency for the Administration of Seized and Confiscated Assets.

Likewise, the contract for the Elbasan Incinerator, more specifically denominated “Construction, operation and transfer of the incinerator for the processing of urban waste in the Municipality of Elbasan” that has been implemented by the Albtek Energy, which has already completed the payment collection cycle from the State Budget.

Another Concessonary Company, ECO Cleaning, imlementing the contract “Service of cleaning, collection, transportation and selection of urban waste for the City of Kamëz” has benefited in 2022 of transactions worth ALL 175 million. This company does not have budgetary support from state institutions, but is paid by the local government, namely the Kamëz Municipality.

Source: Open Spending Albania
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In the four year 2019-2022, Gjoka 87 is the concessionaire company that has benefited the most from the treasury transactions, earning the largest  funds, valued at ALL 12.4 billion (twelve billion four hundred million ALL). It is followed with a great difference by Integrated Energy BV SPV (Tirana’s Incinerator) with respectively ALL 5.012 billion (five billion and 12 million ALL). S2 Albania is the third concessionaire company with the largest size of funds awarded by the State Budget, namely ALL 5.008 billion (five billion and eight million ALL). Fier incinerator, Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier, is ranked the fourth concession company with the largest funds benefited by the state budget, having collected the amount of ALL 2.57 billion. The figure does not include VAT Refunds for goods and services.

Source: Open Spending Albania
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On the other hand, there are several other PPPs that have benefited transactions from the State Budget, for products and services they have offered to budgetary institutions (not including VAT on goods and services).

ALEAT, the company that implements the concession contract “Production and distribution of identity documents and electronic passports”, has been awarded transactions in 2022 from the Budget in the amount of ALL 30 million. These transactions make up expenses of budgetary institutions for production of specific documentation.

Praslin Investment, the company that implements the contract “Construction, operation and management of the Tirana’s Southeast Buss Terminal, in 2022, has benefited ALL 29 million from the Treasury. The payments awarded  via the State Budget go towards the reconstruction of the Agricultural Technology Transfer Center building in Fushë Kruje, provided for by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

At the same time, the two concessionary companies Tirana International Airport and Kukës International Airport have collected monetary transactions from the State Budget for expenses made by various institutions for renting premises at the airports, as well as for other services such as storage of goods. Accordingly, TIA in 2022 benefited of transactions worth ALL 5 million, while KIA benefited ALL 3.1 million.

Table: Treasury Transaction values awarded to PPP’s without Budgetary Support for the four-year period, 2019-2022
Source: Open Spending Albania
Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania

PPPs that were awarded monetary transactions for compensation or damages based on court decisions are Albchrome (ALL 68.7 milion in 2022), Bankers Petroleum Albania ltd (ALL 11.05 milion in 2022), and Hec-i Dunice (ALL 1.2 milion in 2022 and ALL 10.8 milion the four year, 2019-2022).

Table: Treasury transactions awarded to PPP’s as a result of Judicial Verdicts
Source: Open Spending Albania
Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania

The Concessionairy Company that has received the largest monetary value from the General Directorate of Taxes for refunds in the Value Added Tax on goods and services is Albchrome. Followed by Bankers Petroleum with funds received in 2022, valued at about ALL 474 million and in the four-year period 2019-2022, ALL 3.8 billion.

Table: VAT refund for Concessionaire companies through Treasury Transactions executed in 2022, Lek
Source: Open Spending Albania
Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania

More details regarding treasury transactions are published in the Open Spending Albania database, whereas the Concessionary Register, part of the Open Corporates Albania database, has created a passport for every concession company or PPP, in which data concerning management, financial performance, owner, work object, developments in years or data and other documents circa Concessions and relevant Agreements are disclosed.

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Contributed by: Ilir Brasha
Translated by: Rezarta Cushaj