Open Data Albania is disclosing detailed information regarding the value of the Unconditional Transfer granted by the Central Government – through the State Budget –  to Local Municipality Administration. The figures are being provided for a period that starts from 2014 to present day. In 2015, due to the then Territorial Reform, the country’s administrative division into Local Government Units changed. The changes were also reflected in the size of the Unconditional Transfer fund, money that the Budget allocates to municipalities for them to carry out certain functions.

Source: MFE
Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania

In 2023, the size of the Unconditional Transfer towards the local government is ALL 3.6 Lek larger than the previous year, with an increase in percentage of 11.48%. The latter constitutes a value similar to that released in 2016, when the Territorial Reform had just started to be applied and the territory was no longer divided by a large number of local governments, including communes, but was downsized to only 62 municipalities. This large increase in Unconditional Transfer funds coincides with 2023 being an election year, the year when Local Government Elections will be held.

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Comments and Analyses: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Ilir Brasha
Translated by: Rezarta Cushaj