Cabinet Ministers and MPs are time and time again the object of attacks from the opposition camps regarding their wealth, but also family members assets and businesses. They accuse each other of nepotistic appointments and hiring of party militants, but in too many cases, it is the politicians’ own families who benefit from the best positions in the administration and who find it easier to find a job.” Newsletter has monitored last year’s wealth declarations for ministers and MPs, and checked the income derived from the family certificate. Based on the data published in the platforms Open Data and Spending Data Albania, it turns out that the majority of MPs and ministers have their children, husbands or wives, and in other cases even their sons-in-law employed in the state, in institutions of great importance.

All the information has been summarized in the adjacent table, taking into consideration that this is the information that the politicians themselves have disclosed, and only for those cases, in which when declaring the income from the spouse’s or children’s salary, it was necessary to also disclosed the employer. In contrast, it is very easly noticeable is that many  politicians, whose children are grown up and working, have not specified where they work. A large number of family members are assigned to work with foreign missions in the country, benefiting from handsome salaries, whereas a large number of them also works in banking and telecomunicatin industry in management positions.