Open Data Albania is one of the most attractive projects and websites on data effectiveness for the businesses in Albania. Currently, many websites specialized on publishing business news from the Balkans, publish continuously articles from Open Data Albania.

Data on energy, tourism, wages’ levels and expenditures according to various sectors are of basic interest. Furthermore, many companies and businesses have contacted and thanked the Open Data Albania staff While the Government or Alb Invest official websites lack data on economic indicators, Open Data website has a vast catalogue.

Concept ideas, business or investments plans in Albania have been undertaken in the right time thanks to the information published from Open Data Albania. The best example is the collaboration with the Association of Touristic Operators from Poland. Many collaboration and investment projects on tourism in Albania were successfully finalized during the summer of 2011 and now 200 tourism operators in Poland have included Albania in their touristic destinations’ agendas. ( )

To orient their investments, polish businesspersons have effectively used Open Data Albania publications on the cleanest beaches in Albania and tourists’ dynamic.


The working group of Open Data Albania project, recognizing all the initiatives for business and investments in Albania and in the region, invites all the researchers who are interested in data on the business environment to contact through the website, in order to intensify the collaboration on the effectiveness of Open Data Albania