In the framework of Open Data Albania activities, Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkoder and the Albanian Institute of Science organized the presentation of “The Use of Methodology Open Data in Science Research”. The presentation was held on November 11, 2011, in the Conference Hall of Shkoder University Library. In the focus of the activity were two students of Luigj Gurakuqi University’s Economy and Law Faculties. During this year, the Open Data Albania project is successfully practicing a new method and ideology for transparence, innovation, policy analysis and public decision making.

This project, through new technologies of information, based in the analysis of a group of professionals from different fields, has brought to its audience of media, students, experts and Albanian activists a group of indicators on Economy, Education, Criminology, Law, Environment, Health, Banking, Demography, etc. The concept of this event was reinforced from the active interest of many Shkoder University students to use the Open Data methodology and articles for their academic thesis and papers, as well as take part in the public activities of Open Data Albania.

The Speakers of this activity were:

Opening remarks and Open Data Albania for the students – Mr. Florian Bjanku, Dean of Luigj Gurakuqi University.

Open Data in Albania; international practice and innovation – Mrs. Aranita Brahaj, Executive Director and Media Expert.

Open Data Practical Cases; Debt Cost – Mrs. Blerta Zilja, Open Data Analyst

In this Open Data Albania event participated students from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, which gave a good impact to this project, now well-known even outside Albania’s boarders. The most interesting part of the presentation was moderated as a forum and application practice on Open Data, taking suggestions and questions from the students. In addition, three students, who were searching for statistical sources for their thesis, applied direct consultations. During the meeting it was introduced an event that will be organized in the near future from the Albanian Institute of Science in the framework of the Open Data Albania in University events and which raised a lot of interest.

The University of Shkoder students were invited to participate in Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day in Tirana that will be held on December 20th. This event will be held for the first time in Albania and will put Tirana in the map of capitals that hold the Open Data Marathon. The students found of great interest the materials published on the website and the idea of an event held on ideas and innovation. Media, mainly from the local media of Shkoder, reported extensively on the activity.

Open Data Albania is a project of the Albanian Institute of Science and is made possible from the Open Society Foundations Information Program (Budapest), Open Society Foundation Albania and Shpk.

Video from the introduction of Open Data Albania

Photos from the introduction of Open Data Albania in Shkoder

Chancellor of the University “Luigi Gurakuqi” in Shkoder, z. Florian Bjanku presenting on Open Data and Students

Open Data Albania in Universities (Shkoder 21 November 2011)

ODA to students

Mr. Florian Bjanku. Presentation at the Library of the University “Luigi Gurakuqi”

Open Data as Research Methods

Open Data Albania transparency and innovation

Blerta Zilja – Transparency on public finances according to the methodology ODA

ODA in Universities

Open Data on the State Budget