The Albanian Institute of Science organized for the first time in Albania a very important and innovative event: Open Datathon Albania – Hackathon Day in Tirana. This Open Data and Open Knowledge marathon is a very important event in many European capital cities. In the last year in Albania, Open Data Albania is operated through a project completed from the Albanian Institute of Science.

Open Data Albania is also a promoter of Open Data Marathon (Data Marathon) that will be held on December 20, 2011 in Tirana. This year, the Marathon of Open Data focus is on the students and organized throughout a series of Open Data Albania activities in Universities.

Following the path of international Hackathons, Open Datathon Albania is a gathering of students, experts, social activists that write applications, release data, create visualizations and publish analyses by using open data. This aims to show support and to encourage the Government, as well as local and national institutions to adopt policies on open data. This event was organized from the Albanian Institute of Science, with the financial support of Open Society Foundation for Albania (SOROS) and the Faculty of Economy of Tirana University as the host institution.

The 12 applications presented in the Marathon from 21 students varied from different fields, from Economic and Political Sciences to New Technologies, Demography, Policies, Health, etc. In addition, competitors from Kosovo presented their applications as well in Open Datathon Albania.