Following the path of international Hackathons, Open Datathon Albania is a gathering of students, experts, social activists that write applications, release data, create visualizations and publish analyses by using open data. This aims to show support and to encourage the Government, as well as local and national institutions to adopt policies on open data. This event was organized from the Albanian Institute of Science, with the financial support of Open Society Foundation for Albania (SOROS) and the Faculty of Economy of Tirana University as the host institution.

The event was concluded with the announcement of the three winners for Open Datathon Albania 2011

The winners of Open Datathon Albania, December 20, 2011  

First Prize (300 USD) – Tirana Bus Station

Authors: Jonid Kanini, student of Geo-Informatics in Tirana Polytechnic University and Julian Kanini, programmer. Although Tirana is a European city, its citizens lack a dynamic map that shows the stations of public transportation. A foreigner or a new resident that wants to locate a bus station needs to ask the passersby or senior citizens of Tirana. The residents of Tirana deserve a detailed map, advertised in public spaces or in a webpage, including the public services offered. The two Datathon Albania winners worked in the field, taking records of bus stations and measuring the distances of Tirana’s 25 bus lines.

Second Prize (150 USD) – Employment; Private Enterprises

Authors: Mariola Kapidani, Olta Begu and Eni Didi, Master Students of Economic Faculty

Employment is the most interesting topic for the Albanian students and, at the same time, one of the most important issues for the Albanian economy and society. Policies and decision-making can offer and find efficient formulas for resolving the unemployment issues as factors of crises and low economic level.