Open Data Albania has examined the import of waste in our country in 2012. According to official data, an amount of 4192 tons of waste has entered in the territory of the Republic of Albania for procession. 52.8% of all waste imported belongs to the category:  garbage, bits and scraps of polymers of ethylene. In total they have 2,212 tons.

Meanwhile, other elements are imported in relatively smaller values than this category. Thus, the second ranked is the import of plastic rubber adhesion, including artificial residues with 534 tons or 12.74 % of total imports. After that comes waste, waste and scrap rubber in the form of powder or granulate with 460 tons or 10.97 %, residues, scrap aluminium with 320 tons or 7.63 %; primary cells waste residue, primary batteries and accumulators with 296 tons or 7%, with 202 tons of aluminium scrap or 4.82 % and trash, bits and scraps, of polymers of vinyl chloride with 124 tons or 2.96 %. 

Source: Directorate General of Customs and INSTAT
Processing and comments: ODA