Open Data Albania is investigating the level of salaries of employees in the sector of information and communication technology ICT in European Union countries. This field is taking an increasingly importance and as such it is of great interest.

According to a research, salaries on this profession vary based on qualifications and the hierarchical level of the work performed. Three main categories considered in the study are the first group, which includes the ICT technicians who deal with network maintenance and technical assistance. The second group includes ICT specialists, who stand a level above the first group and deal mainly with the design of websites, software development, application development etc. In the third group, which is the highest level, involving ICT professionals, who deal with management, architecture and systems analysis. Data for the first two groups belong to this sector employees who are at age 22, while the third group are aged 35 years, because of the level of expertise required in this group.

For the first group of employees in the ICT sector, the average monthly salaries range from 484-4269 Euro / Month, where the country with the highest monthly salary for this group is Denmark, while the lowest salary country is Bulgaria. After Denmark, countries such as Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Sweden are listed, where the average monthly salary remains above 3000 Euro / Month. In countries like Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, the salary is lower than 1000 Euro / Month. Again even for the second group of employees in the ICT sector, the highest salary monthly average belongs to Denmark with 4654 Euro / month and the lowest average monthly salary belongs to Bulgaria with 574 Euro / month. While in terms of the third group, it is Luxembourg that has the highest average monthly salary with 6765 Euro / Month. Bulgaria remains last in the group with 810 Euro / month.

Source: Telecentre Europe, Eurostat
Processing and comments: Open Data Albania

This research article was published in the framework of the European Week of Internet usage as an option to boost and promote employment opportunities in this sector.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Ina Baja