The Government has to amend article 27 of the law ‘On social securities’ which stipulates that the payment on maternity leave has to be made based upon the net payment and not based on the gross payment, consequently this consists to be an explicit violation of women?s rights.’. This request was made by the chairwoman of the Parliamentary Commission on Labour, Social Issues and Public Health, that is simultaneously a Member of the MPs Women Alliance, Mrs. Albana Vokshi. By means of this interview given for ‘Albanian Newspaper’, Mrs. Vokshi highlighted that the reduction of maternity leave payment will impact the decrease of child delivery, and at the same time, she underlines that in the very first moment that the Democratic Party will enter in the Parliament, will require the amendment of this legislation. 
Mrs. Vokshi, the recent legislation ‘On social securities’, that will enter into force in the 1st of January 2015 foresees the calculation of maternity leave payment based upon the net payment and not on the gross payment, as it has occurred so far, which brings about the decrease of this payment. We would like to know your opinion on this issue.
The decrease of the fund on maternity is one of the darkest side that I would like to consider as the discrimination package of women. The law ‘On social securities’, was amended in a complete informative darkness and violation of a functional democratic parliamentary practices. The interested parties and civil society that has in focus the rights of women and their respective issues, were not taken into consideration. Either independent or subordinating experts were avoided and ignored by the MPs of the majority. In our point of view and taking into consideration that we are screening the work and the state of being of the Parliamentary Commission on Labour, Social Issues and Public Health, along with other MPs that are working from one village to another, and from one city to another, now, we do have a better understanding of the social status of the women, on the mere fact on how this status is being transformed into a miserable social status concerning their rights, equally as they used to be during the Osman invasion or the dictatorship. I cannot understand how a minister and the prime minister, that make use of the women just for the sake of the Parliamentary rhetoric and as a background of photos and TV screens, do not draft reforms to really make possible the renaissance of the women that are divorced, or breadwinners, etc. 
Do you thing that the calculation will impact the decrease of natality?
Initially, I would like to emphasise the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of women that have the responsibility to be breadwinners and at the same time have sick children, unemployed men and do not have any income. How it can be possible for a young mother to be deprived from a just and deserved payment, nevertheless delayed, as she is giving birth to another life for our society? I am really disappointed that no one of my colleagues, raised his/her voice on the violation of the right of payment on the maternity leave. In a European Parliament this would have been considered a women?s parliamentary struggle. In a time, when in European countries, policies are being implemented aiming to encourage the increase of birth deliveries, ‘Rama’ government freezes and impedes these initiatives. There is a contradiction with this government that surely is related with the manipulation of the electorate in the 23th of June. The programme of the Renascence, supposed to be a social programme, thus left handed, turned out to be completely the opposite. 
In your opinion, what can be done in order for this article to be abrogated and the calculations on the payment of maternity leave to be based upon the gross payment?
We have required to have session hearings for the parliamentary commissions, interested parties and civil society. No commission underwent to any hearing, because every article is against the interest of the Albanian citizens, and unfortunately, women is the category threatened mostly. But, on the other hand, there is no law that cannot be changed. In order to further amend it would be sufficient for the government to address it to the Parliament, but it is evident that the government is not willing and committed to do it. 
In your quality as the opposition party, do you have a concrete plan to amend the article on maternity leave?
Considering the fact, that we are in a parliamentary state of boycott, none of the public requests of the opposition, would be taken into consideration, but in the very first moment, that we would be again part of Parliament, we would address the request of a further amendment of this legislation. As I aforementioned, this legislations is featured by additional problems as well, which makes me strongly believe that the amendments do not have to be limited in the amendment of one single article, but the amendment of additional articles would impact other vulnerable categories of Albanian society.