Open Data Albania is researching on Concession and Public Private Partnership PPP contracts terminated or repealed during the period January 2017- April 2021.  In this four-year period that the concession activity is being analyzed, it turns out that there are five concession contracts or Public Private Partnerships that have been finally abrogated or terminated. Their termination has come for various reasons and has been done by Competent Institutions at the request of the Parties.

Three Concession or PPP contracts have been terminated by consensual agreements between the parties. These are concessions implemented by companies: a. GeoAlbania Uno former implementer of the BOT concession contract for the construction of hydropower plants Progonat-Lekdush and Bënçe e Sipërme. b. Hec Gomsiqe former company implementing the concession for the construction, operation and maintenance of hydropower plants Gomsiqe 1,2,3,4. And c. MP Energy sh.p.k, a company implementing the PPP Concession for the construction, operation, transfer of Hydropower Plants Lefter 1, Lefter 2A, Lefter 2B, Lefter 3

By Decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal, on 12.02.2019, the contract with the object of the Concession for Management, operation, maintenance, technical improvement and Adaptation of the ferry and cruise terminal Durrës with the concession company Durrës Container Terminal

The Contract for the Concession / Public Private Partnership for the provision of the Parking System and Management Service in the City of Vlora with the concession company TIS Park has been terminated during 2020. The solution for this contract has been announced by the Municipality of Vlora with International Arbitration Jurisdiction Paris. According to the data available, the Municipality of Vlora is the winner of the court case in the International Arbitration Paris, however there is still no information regarding the costs of the lawsuit and the compensation that the Municipality of Vlora is expected to receive from the concession company.

In a separate article, Open Data Albania has researched on Jurisdiction, Institution Competent for Conflict and Settlement of PPP Concession Agreements.

Concession and PPP Contracts, in force, data, and Documents on Companies Registered for their Implementation, are published in an easily accessible and well-structured format under the portal, Concession Register Database. The Excel document of this article contains data and information on the basis of which the visualization is done. This document is easily downloadable and free to use. Other databases of the AIS Organization include;;, and Open

This article was drafted and published in the framework of the “Open Data, Access and Transparency over sectors exposed to Risk of Corruption” project. The latter is financially supported by SIDA – Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency

Download excel: Repeals and Termination of PPP Concession Contracts 2017-2021
Comment and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Translated by: Etleva Kondakçi