News Bomb published on June 10, 2021, an Article entitled “1 Billion Euro Concessions for 4 years, what are the projects and companies, from Gjoka to Bardhi Konstruksion and Bushtrica Hydropower“. The article illustrates concession costs by companies, using Passports with information created on the Open Corporates Albania Portal, under the Public Contractors Category. The article informs the public about major contractors by introducing them through our Passports (AIS OpenCorporates.Al). Such passports contain exhaustive information about Companies, their Capital, Object, Owners, List of Payments from Treasury Transactions, economic performance and list of contracts by tenders with Local Government. The passports that appear in the article belong to the companies: Gjoka 87, Bardh Konstruksion, Orikum Llogara, Integrates Energy BV SPV, and Eco Cleaning, Tirana 4 shpk.

The article uses Business Passports which are a product of the AIS Project Activities on Transparency for Municipal Contractors and Impact Contracting for Local Governments. The project is entitled “Civic Monitoring and Transparency on Municipal Private Contractor for Services and Public Investments” financially supported by Leviz Albania, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).