The latest progress report of the European Commission for Albania, estimates that there is good progress in the adoption of a new Law on Procurement, according to EU Standards. But in the meantime, the Albanian Government avoids and bypasses this Law by using Special Laws for contracting. Typical cases include contracts for post-earthquake Reconstruction, Medium Term Program of the State Budget, planning around 100 billion Albanian Lekë. Contracting is being done by circumventing the Sector Legislation, according to the Normative Act Law 97/2019. Such act, which has the power of a law, violates the constitutional right to Economic Freedom, and creates ground for clientelism and favoritism. The Constitutional Court was asked by a Lawsuit to repeal Law 97/2019. The lawsuit was filed on September 18, 2021, and there is still no date for reviewing a Law of the Albanian Government with serious financial consequences. So far, the Reconstruction contracts have been made by the Executive and the Main Municipalities. The lawsuit provides arguments as to what negative effects the application of the Special Law has on the Legislation Drafted according to EU Standards.