Open Data Albania has published the list of the 100 tenders with the highest value, held by the State Tendering Authorities during 2021. These tenders are ranked according to their values. The tender with the highest value announced and finalized by public authorities in the country during 2021 is the Construction of the Llogara Tunnel in the road section Orikum-Himara part of the SH8 Vlora – Saranda Highway. This tender has a fund limit value of 18 967 810 952 Albanian Lekë and was won by a union of Turkish operators TNTEKAR YAPI LTD. ŞTİ, and has been procured by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. This contract is 23% of the value of contracts for the 100 tenders with the highest value of 2021. It is striking that in the 100 largest tenders, there are 35 contracts signed through a limited procedure or direct negotiations, marked therefore by RedFlag for lack of competition.