22.8 percent of tenders in the municipality of Tirana are considered suspicious. Open Data has set 610 procedures with a red flag, due to lack of competition or disqualification of competitors leaving only the winner in the race.

In 4 years in the municipality of Tirana, Open Data has ranked 22.8 percent of problem tenders.

The portal, which aims to make transparency over the procedures followed, lists 610 tenders of this municipality with red flag.

More specifically, when a procurement is accompanied by a red flag sign it indicates a possible exposure or risk for misconduct or unethical business conduct.

The analysis of the data shows that the lack of competition is the one that is most often found and there are 319 procurements for this problem.

In 276 cases, it turns out that the disqualification of all companies except the winner has been decided.

Even in 5 procurements worth over 5 million ALL there was a lack of competition and the negotiation was direct.

Problems have also been identified with the cancellation of 10 contracts with 2 or more times.

Even during 2019, the number of problem tenders has been quite high and specifically the capital has 224 problem tenders from January last year to March this year.

The Municipality of Tirana has developed the highest number of tenders after the implementation of territorial reform.

According to the figures, out of about 20 thousand tenders held in total by 61 municipalities of the country, 2678 of them have been held in the capital.