The establishment of a continuous communication between the civil society and the Office of HIJ, was formalized today by signing a cooperation agreement between the High Inspector of Justice Mr. Artur Metani and six civil society organizations (CSOs), that are engaged in monitoring justice reform, human rights, transparency, accountability and good governance.

The cooperation initiated earlier with the civil society, through the consultation for the Strategic Plan and Action Plan of HIJ 2020-2022, materializes with this agreement, which aims to increase the performance and capacity building of the Office of High Inspector of Justice, through the increase of communication and development of joint activities, in the framework of monitoring, analysing, accountability and awareness-raising on the activity of the Office of High Inspector of Justice, through the exchange of data, organization of periodic meetings, providing relevant expertise of specialized CSOs.

Institute for Policy and Legal Studies (IPLS), represented by Mr. Ardian Dhima; Institute for Political Studies (ISP), represented by Mr. Afrim Krasniqi; Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), represented by Ms. Krisela Hackaj, Albanian Helsinki Committee (AHC), represented by Ms. Erida Skëndaj, European Centre (EC), represented by Ms. Klara Kodra and Albanian Institute of Science/Open Data Albania, represented by Ms. Aranita Brahaj.

During the ceremony of signing the agreement, the High Inspector of Justice Mr. Metani praised the important role of civil society organizations in strengthening democratic processes and underlined that this institutional cooperation mechanism will serve to improve the work of HIJ, and in addition the whole system for the functioning of a professional, responsible, accountable and transparent justice.

The organization has a database in support of Justice Reform.

You can find the Cooperation Agreement Between High Inspector Of Justice And Civil Society Organizations: HERE