The Open Data Albania project was presented recently in Aleksander Xhuvani University, a well-known University throughout Albania for its legacy. The carried work and the possibility of using new technologies in the best interest of public and groups of experts was presented through a conversation with journalism students of Human Sciences Faculty. Students were interested not only in accessing information and statistic data through Open Data Albania, but in its interesting and contemporary methodology as well.

Mr. Isidor Koti, Public Communication and Ethics Professor and Mrs. Aranita Brahaj, Executive Director of the Project conducted the presentation. The students followed with interest the presentation of the project website, which visualizes and simplifies many statistic indicators on various fields, as education, public financing, health, innovation, tourism, environment, criminology, etc. In addition, the meeting made public the great impact that Open Data has in developed countries and societies around the world. The students found Open Data Albania themes and contents very interesting and useful in writing their Bachelor’s thesis and essays. During the event it was discussed the students’ involvement in the process of Open Data conceptualization and aggregation.

The Open Data Albania project, apart making transparency through its publications, aims to consolidate the critical thinking and analysis based in tangible and statistical arguments. Other meetings and conversations with Albanian auditors will follow the October 31 presentation in the University of Elbasan.