Interview in Ora News. Guest, Aranita Brahaj, Open Data Albania Director

Open Data Albania presented recently the Open Data Albania in Universities initiative. Open Data Albania in Universities comes as a result of the great impact that this project has created so far in the public and the media. Interviewed on Ora News broadcast, Mrs. Aranita Brahaj, Open Data Albania Director, declared that in the following six months the students will be targeted as the future’s professionals. In this framework, the Open Data Albania staff will embark on a series of presentations in auditors of various faculties. Moreover, students who have completed their academic works according to Open Data methodology will be published in the project’s website.

Beside ODA in Universities, Open Data Albania will publish this season approximately 100 new articles on economic and social indicators, public finance, demography, health, education, environment, electoral statistics, etc. Within October, Open Data Albania will be presented in English language as well, in order to increase its impact in foreign researchers, activists or specific groups whose work and interest is focused on Albania.