Civil Society of Albania is funded by the state budget, a fund which is administrated by the Agency for the Support of Civil Society. ASCS is a central budgetary public entity and it acts to fulfill its mission and objectives in conformity with the law Nr.10 093, date 09.03.2009. It has 13 employees. The Charter of the CSSA is approved by the Council of Ministers.


The CSSA has as its fundamental mission to encourage the sustainable development of civil society and the creation of favorable conditions for civil initiatives for the good of and in the interest of the public, in conformity under the article nr 4 of the law.

The starting year for funding this category from the government budget was the year 2008. This agency is financed through the program “Planning, management and administration”.

The bar chart below shows that during the period 2008-2013 there isn’t an overall trend. The highest amount was in 2008 at 150 million Lek . Conversely, the lowest amount in 5 years was in 2010 at 78 million 450 thousand Lek. After this year, the level of funding experienced some fluctuations to conclude on the highest amount planned from 2009 at 117 million 900 thousand Lek.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Pamela Qafoku