The team working at AIS organization, a promoter of Open Data Albania, is setting up a database called Transparent Procurement, which will contain well-structured data about public procurement procedures conducted at Local Government (Municipality) level. Monitoring of procurement procedures of local governments coincides with an interest to directly monitor proceedings related to services and public works, which have impacts on citizens’ daily life. On the eve of the presentation of the database, we are bringing some preliminary findings to the attention of the Open Data Albania clickers.

During 27 July to 7 December 2015 period, 4 municipalities have not announced any public procurement procedure. Kruja, Pusteci, Finiqi and Delvina announced 0 procedures in the Public Procurement Bulletin. These municipalities have announced nothing concerning the purchase of goods, performance of public works, or other services.

Tirana has announced 27 public procurement procedures recording so the greatest number of announcements for this period. It is followed by Elbasan city. Public procurement procedures held by Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock Companies are also calculated.

Although Tirana and Elbasan are local units with the greatest number of announcements, Durres municipality has the highest value of the Limit Fund announced for public procurements, which runs at ALL 862 million for 26 announced procurements. While Kurbin records the lowest value with ALL 489 million. Specifically, Durrës Municipality has finalized contracts for 8 public procurements from 28 announced procedures with an announced limit fund of ALL 450,222,808 and a contracted fund of ALL 292,982,259, where the difference between announcement and the winning bid is high.

Contributed: Open Data Albania
Source: PPA Bulletin 2015

Public procurement procedures announced from Saranda Municipality are interesting. This municipality is ranked the second in terms of the Limit Fund total value amounting to ALL 732,529,846 for only seven procedures. This is the municipality with the highest average of the Limit Fund for Procurement Procedures. The average of the limit fund of Saranda Municipality for each Procurement Procedure is ALL 104,647,120. Public Procurement with the highest limit fund is the reconstruction of the former government residence for the establishment of ECO Campus Saranda running at ALL 276,292,007.

Ranking of municipalities by Limit Fund Value announced in Public Procurement  during July 27 until December 7, 2015

Contributed: Open Data Albania
Source: PPA Bulletin 2015

In terms of performance in completion of the procedures and the announcement of  the contract signature, Korça and Elbasan municipalities have the greatest number of Public Procurements finalized with signing of the contract, where each of them has announced 11 12 public procurements finalized with the contract signature.

AIS organization will present shortly to the public a portal with open data concerning public procurements in 61 municipalities of the country. The citizens can get acquainted with procurements objects, their type, limit funds or the values finalized in the contract.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Eva Meqemeja