Various reports on the employment of family members, spouses and children of MPs and high officials have recently been published in the media.

The articles shed light on nepotism, preferential hiring and lack of meritocracy. The details published in said media reports have been extracted from datasets and documents published in the data base created by AIS Money and Power. This database oofers oppen access to details contained in the MPs declaration of assets and economic interests, giving the public the opportunity to carry out the public integrity check.

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In this specific instance, the information and documents were used by journalists as  evidence for media reports on influence, nepotism and the employment of family members of high officials in Public Administration and State Institutions.

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Cabinet Ministers and MPs are time and time again the object of attacks from the opposition camps regarding their wealth, but also family members assets and businesses. They accuse each other of nepotistic appointments and hiring of party militants, but in too many cases, it is the politicians’ own families who benefit from the best positions in the administration and who find it easier to find a job.” Newsletter has monitored last year’s wealth declarations for ministers and MPs, and checked the income derived from the family certificate. Based on the data published in the platforms Open Data and Spending Data Albania, it turns out that the majority of MPs and ministers have their children, husbands or wives, and in other cases even their sons-in-law employed in the state, in institutions of great importance.

All the information has been summarized in the adjacent table, taking into consideration that this is the information that the politicians themselves have disclosed, and only for those cases, in which when declaring the income from the spouse’s or children’s salary, it was necessary to also disclosed the employer. In contrast, it is very easly noticeable is that many  politicians, whose children are grown up and working, have not specified where they work. A large number of family members are assigned to work with foreign missions in the country, benefiting from handsome salaries, whereas a large number of them also works in banking and telecomunicatin industry in management positions.

Sot Newsletter writes about Politicians’ families occupy state institutions: Husbands and children of DP-SP Members of Parliament, positions in ministries and diractorate offices.

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Lista, ja ku punojnë familjarët e deputetëve dhe gjyqtarëve –

In our Money and Power One Stop Integrated Data Source platform have been publishing information regarding the wealth, income and expenses declared by senior public officials. The data are extracted from initial declaration of officials before they take office or the incumbent’s official declaration of any given year. In any case, the form contains the date that the document’s compilation was completed for the consideration of  the High Inspectorate of Property Declaration (ILKDP). Other than the subject itself, the declaration of assets is required to be compiled also by other family members. The annual declaration is characterized by information about the income generated that year, assets acquired during the year in question, as well as expenses for which the entities have a legal obligation to declare. In this section we disclose information about high public officials, such as: the President, Members of the Council of Ministers. Mayors of Municipalities, Representatives of Parliament, High Level Judge, Chief Prosecutor and Head of Independent Institutions. This information is made open and transparent in order to inform the public about the economic interests and assets of high public officials who represent and govern the country. The Money and Power data set in order to identify business companies that are part of the officials’ asset declaration form. For each subject, the Index number of the official document submitted to ILKDP, the document from which the data is cited, is given. AIS is the organization that created and manages the Money and Power database.