In a research article carried out by Open Data Albania, it emerges that in the 2018 – 2024years  Public Investments with Foreign Financing are characterized by low levels of planning and budget non-consolidation. This sole detail shows a lack of capacity from the Government to properly attract funding through aid and granting Instruments. Foreign investments are investments that require quality detailed projects, based on feasibility and development studies. Likewise, this category of investments with foreign financing instruments is characterized by the obligation to finalize a contract through the competition developed according to the Guidelines and Legal Basis of the Grantor or Donor and under the monitoring of the Finance Officer. 

The research article is titled Public Investments with Foreign and Domestic Financing: The level of Budgetary Planning non-consolidation, Revisions and actual Consolidation 2018 – 2024 

The lack of will to activate this type of Budget Financing is characteristic of low-quality budget management and the burdening of the taxpayers with the cost of investments, followed by the cost of public debt and insufficient investments by the State Budget. 

In the same way, the Government has used several forms of investment with internal financing or budget guarantees for important road corridors, which could very well activate funds from the European Development Bank and the Adriatic- Ionian Corridor  already decided they will be carried out through PPP Concession contracts and Local Business contractors. 

The same trend seems to be set for Infrastructure Works related to the so-called the 8th Corridor, as well as the new Port of Durrës in Porto Romano.