Net migration is the indicator that refers the total number of persons entering in the territory of a state less the total number of individuals leaving the territory of the state, including both citizens and noncitizens.

Open date Albania has researched the dynamics of net migration in five-years period from 1976 to 2010. The report is based on World Bank data.

Results of Net Migration in Albania are given in years and marked as follows:

Source: World Bank
Comments and analysis: ODA

As we can seen from above, Albania is characterized by Net Migration even in the communist regime, years where it was forbidden the passage of citizens on both sides of the border without special procedures.At 76-80 and 81-85 Albania is characterized by removals of people from abroad, with a negative value 5549 and 4772.

These results coincide with flight departures persons more than one nationality (repatriation). We note that overseas flight this year was considered a criminal offense and punished with heavy penalties. Not very clearly shows the net migration in 1986-1990. According to these five years,  the value is positive, so we have no significant outflows.

After 1990, net migration have emphasized the negative values, which proves the intensity of migration and deportation. This influx of high levels recorded between 2001-2005 and 2006-2010. Also these two periods are characterized by dynamic movement of Albanian citizens or foreigners.

To show how this indicator is presented for Albania compared to other countries of the region in the years 2006-2010, we look at the data table below:

Net Migration in Albania and the countries of the region

Source: World Bank
Comments and analysis: ODA

From the above countries with positive net migration index are Greece and Macedonia .In these countries have more inflows than immigrations and removals of individuals abroad the state.

With a negative difference between the countries of the region, Albania is a result more pronounced, which means that there are many dynamics in the movement outside compared with Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Contributed by: Eni Didi