Based on the data from Open Corporates Albania and Open Procurement Albania databases, we have identified contract values and distribution of tenders at the level of Local Government Units among business companies and their capital control from the gender perspective. The data belong to the 1000 main companies contracted by Municipalities ranked by contract value.

Tirana is the municipality, where women-owned businesses have recorded the highest contractual value of 761,695,612 Albanian Lekë. Such value, however, does not represent a fair gender distribution of tenders, considering that it represents only 1.02% of the total value contracted by this Municipality to its main contractors. The Municipality of Shkodra is ranked in the second place in terms of the total value contracted to women-owned businesses. The value of contracts signed with women-owned companies in this municipality, i.e. 318 952 556 Albanian Lekë, represents 8.03% of the total contracted value.

Tirana and Shkodra are followed by the municipalities of Elbasan, Mirdita, and Puka. The value contracted to women-owned business companies in these municipalities is quite low with the highest value reaching 8% of the total value of tenders subject to this analysis.

The Municipality of Delvina does not even have any contracts with Women-Owned Businesses at all. If we look at the share of tender-based contracts awarded to women-owned companies for the sample subject to this analysis, the result is only 1.17%.

Such ratio is not proportionate, considering that 25-30% of businesses companies in the country are owned by women. The low share of women-owned business companies in tenders is an indicator of the severe nature of the competition and the need for enhancing the capacity of women-owned businesses in the tendering process.

You may find the individual passport of each of the ranked companies in the Open Corporates Albania Portal  under the Municipality Contracted Companies section including information on the company, its activity, date of establishment, owners, managers, economic performance over the years, legal matters, ownership and administration from the gender perspective, the list of Treasury Payments, and the contracts awarded to it through tender procedures. This Report and the Business Passports were created as part of the activities of the “Civic Monitoring and Transparency on Municipal Private Contractors for Services and Public Investments” Project, financially supported by Lëviz Albania, a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The databases where you can find open and transparent data for the distribution of contracts and public money include Open Procurement Albania, containing data for tenders of important Institutions in the country; Spending Data Albania treasury payments, including any payment made by budgetary institutions to third parties; and Open Corporates Albania containing open data for contractors and businesses of importance to the Public Interest.

Download excel: Distribution of Contracts in Municipalities by Value and Businesses Ownership from the Gender Perspective for 2015-2021
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Translated by: Etleva Kondakçi