In this article we are covering the Companies that were awarded the highest value contracts in the Public Procurements, held by the Albanian state authorities during 2021. Data concerning all contracting procedures by tender, are available in Excel format released by the Public Procurement Agency.  We are listing and sorting companies by analyzing the weight that each contractor has in the total value procured during the year. The value considered is the Winning Bid Value, without Value Added Tax.

In the article all competitive tenders are ranked, but for the Limited Procedures mainly related to the Reconstruction Program. Contracts for the Reconstruction Program, which is procured by a Special Law (Normative Act) apply rules, deadlines and procedures of contestation that are completely different from the regular procurement procedures. The  Reconstruction Fund Contractors and their ranking based on the contract value awarded, has been subject to earlier works, published on the Follow the Money website section, such as “Reconstruction Program Businesses” and  “Public Procurement without competition, number and tender value”.

During 2021, 17,961 contracts were awarded through open competition, engaging 2,148 contracting businesses in the process.

The top ten companies that were awarded the highest value contracts from Competitive Contracting through Public Procurement during 2021, are:

Intekar Yapi LTD STI; 4 A-M; Salillari; 2 T; Alb – Star; G.P.G Company; Agbes Construksion; Euroteorema Peqin; Gjoka Konstruksion and Geci.

Their respective passports, which were created and are traced through the Open Corporates Albania Database, display information regarding their holders; executives; economic performance and their position, as well as licenses and payments obtained through Treasury Transactions.

Jointly, the top ten largest contracting companies were awarded 42.79% of the total share of the value procured through open competition, without VAT, excluding limited or extrajudicial contracting procedures. Whereas the top 15 companies constitute 51% of the total value procured with open competition.

Source: Open Data APP
Comments and Analyses: ODA

The first company is the Turkish İNTEKAR YAPI LTD. ŞTİ., who was awarded the tender for the construction of the Llogara Tunnel in the Orikum – Himara road section. The Winning Bid value without VAT for this tender is in the amount of 17.03 billion ALL or about 141.9 million Euros. The cost of construction is expected to be even higher for taxpayers as in May 2022, the Government announced an extention in the contract value of up to 30% due to increased costs in the Construction of Public Works, an increase deriving from the crisis in the international markets after the Russian Aggression on Ukraine.

In second place is the company 4 A – M, declared winner in ten contracts with competition with a total value of about 3 404 275 263 Lek or 28.36 million Euros. The company has full Albanian ownership and has a consistent contractual activity with the Albanian authorities in public works.

In third place comes Salillari, awarded a Contract Value of 2.9 billion ALL through seven different bids that the company won last year. Salillari is also an economic entity known for regular contracting with Public Works Institutions, mainly road construction. A list of its contracts over the years is part of the company’s passport on Open Corporates Albania website.

Salillari is followed by the company 2T, awarded seven contracts worth 2.49 billion ALL without VAT. While Alb – Star won without VAT, 2.32 billion lek contract value. The company is active in civil construction and waste management.

The G.P.G. COMPANY is consistent in its annual rankings as a public works contractor. During 2021 in competitive tenders it managed to score a winning bid six times worth 2.31 billion ALL.

AGBES Construction comes on the 7th position, having won three contracts during 2021 for an amount of 2,025,014,254 lek without VAT. The company counts as much as 46 public contracts awarded to her alone or in collaboration with other companies.

Companies ranked high in the list are mainly businesses engaged in Public Works, mainly Civil construction. Among the top 15 there are businesses that don’t belong to the construction sector, such as the Integrated Technology BV company, whose one procurement with the municipality of Durrës, has won her the amount of 1.126 billion ALL for Urban Waste Disposal services.

AIS, through the Open Procurement Albania database, has monitored and uncovered tenders of the Reconstruction Program held by Local Government Units and the Central Government through the Albanian Development Fund. Tenders of Public Health and Emergency Institutions held during the Covid-19 Pandemic were also monitored.

Download excel: APP Procedurat e prokurimit 2021
Comments and Analysis: Open Data Albania
Translated by: Rezarta Cushaj
Contributed by: Argesa Qosja