Open Data Albania is identifying the data on contractual values and investment values of the PPP Concession Contracts approved in the Health Sector for 2015-2022. (Read the Article)

Thus, there are actually 4 PPP concession contracts being implemented in the Health Sector.

All these four contracts are directly supported by the State Budget.

The full value of PPP Concession contracts in the Health sector is about 45.5 billion Albanian Lek (ALL).

For the period 2015 to 2021, the State has paid about 17.3 billion ALL.

For the coming years, the remaining value to be paid is about 28.2 billion ALL, unless there are changes in the planned projections.

For 2022, about 13.8 billion ALL are planned to be paid from the State Budget for all PPP Concession contracts supported by the State Budget.  This includes about 4.75 billion ALL that will be paid for PPPs in the Health sector only, which constitutes about 34.4% of the State Budget annual payment plan.

The ratio between the Investment Value and the Total State Budget for PPP contracts is about 9%. Such low ratio indicates a high rate of investment return or profit.

You may find and read the article on PPPs in the Health Sector and other articles on Concessions and Public Private Partnerships in the Concessions section of the Open Data Albania portal.