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Open Data Albania has recently published a set of articles on the structure and effects of the Public Debt by the progress in 2013, and the forecasts for 2014. Specifically, in the beginning of this year has been brought up to date information on Public debt per capita 2014 and Cost of debt per capita 2014.
In the same way, are updated articles on Public debt, domestic and foreign as well Public debt by maturity.
Some details of the Open Data Albania publications on debt are as follows:
• Public debt per capita, according to the budget forecasts in 2014, will reach 370,224 all. This value is about 13.22% higher than a year ago or 43,226 all of added debt to the debt per capita that every resident of Albania carried in 2013.

• An average family with four members in 2014 has a “part of public debt” of 1,480,896 all.

• Total debt in 2014 has increased by 120.4 billion all compared to the previous year, 2013, where the debt was about 83.7 billion all more than in 2012.

• In addition to the borrowing to support the budget and foreign projects, this year, the debt growth has been influenced also by the inclusion of payment of arrears of 35 billion all, arrears in the infrastructure sector and taxation sector.

• Debt per capita is calculated as the ratio of interest to be paid from the state budget for the loan still outstanding in relation to the population of the country. In 2014 this cost per capita, according to budget prognostication, is calculated at 16,645 all per capita.

• Public debt may be issued within the country, and be held by the domestic residents as domestic debt, or abroad and held by non-resident, foreign debt. The stock of public debt until the end of the third quarter of 2013 stood at 871.8 billion all or 62.2 % of the GDP. The ratio Domestic Debt to Foreign Debt is 57.37 % to 42.63 %. Or expressed in values, the domestic debt value is 500.2 billion and the foreign debt is 371.6 billion all.

• In terms of maturity, 249.2 billion or 30.4 % of debt are short-term debt while 569.5 billion or 69.6 % are long-term debt.
You can find more details on this data by reading the respective articles to the Articles section of Open Data Albania. Also, you can find the budget forecast by function at the new platform named Data Spending Albania at Budget 2014
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