MPs voted during the state of emergency of natural disaster caused by Covid-19, at the parliamentary session of April 30th, a law on adopting change, concessionary addition to the Port Romano Durres. This political decision of the Council of Ministers and Parliament is in our opinion in contradiction with the Law on Concessions and Public-Private Public Partnerships, i.e. Law No. 125/2013, namely Article 33 on the granting of additional works and services to PP concessions, where the scope of concessions can only be extended under specific conditions related to the need for conducting the works or services envisioned in the existing contract. Under no circumstances are negotiations and political decisions allowed to extend the scope of a concessionary agreement outside the procurement procedure, giving the concessionary additional rights and benefits. Failure to comply with the legal requirements for the approval of the PPP contracts, and worse, by political decision during a situation of natural disaster is political irresponsibility of the current majority. AIS monitors PPPs and concessions through the Concessionary Register